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The LDDMM Surface Matching applications aim to perform a non-rigid deformation (matching) between two objects by representation of their surfaces as currents.  The Surface Matching package consists of three programs, CurrentMatch, ApplyDeformation, and PointShoot. CurrentMatch computes an optimal diffeomorphism between a template and target surface. It outputs the deformed template as well as intermediate data that can be used by the program ApplyDeformation, to apply the estimated diffeomorphism to any surface in the 3D ambient space in which the template is embedded. CurrentMatch also outputs an initial momentum file that can be used by the program PointShoot to apply geodesic shooting to produce the momentum over all time.  As part of these efforts the Center for Imaging Science at Johns Hopkins University develop techniques to not only compare images, but also to visualize the changes and differences.

For additional information please refer to Marc Vaillant and Joan Glaunes, Surface Matching via Currents, Information Processing for Medical Imaging, 2005.

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