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Typical Usage and Parameters:

ApplyDeformation surface3.byu surface1_10_6.500000_1.750000.template surface1_10_6.500000_1.750000.alpha outputDeformedSurfaceRoot
The following are the command line options. Click on each title to get a detailed description and their typical values.

  1. Surface
  2. Template Points
  3. Alpha File
  4. Output Root
  5. NeighborhoodVSigmaScale (-v)
Detailed Command Line Options:

  1. Surface: Surface in the template ambient space to deform.

  2. Template Points: The "*.template" output file from the lddmm-surface program.

  3. Alpha File: The "*.alpha output file from the lddmm-surface program. The alpha filename MUST be of the form output by the lddmm-surface program because the parameters numTimeSteps, sigmaV, sigmaW are parsed from the filename.

  4. Output Root: Path that specifies the root name of the output data.

  5. NeighborhoodVSigmaScale (-s): Scale factor which specifies the estimated support of the kernels for the Hilbert space of vector fields.

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