Michael Miller to speak at Inaugural Indo-US Translational Neuroscience Symposium

February 12, 2015

Michael I. Miller, Ph.D., Herschel and Ruth Seder Professor, Director, Center for Imaging Science, will be speaking at the Inaugural Indo-US Translational Neuroscience Symposium on February 25th and 26th in Tilghman Auditorium (Turner Concourse). The conference features an array of leading neuroscience investigators from JHU SOM, Homewood, KKI, the Lieber Institute, and NIH. The symposium will also host nine speakers from the National Institute for Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS) in Bangalore, with whom JHU is establishing an academic partnership.

The theme of the symposium is the discovery and validation of neurologic and psychiatric biomarkers (endophenotypic, genetic, molecular, cellular, imaging) in determining neurologic disease risk, prognosis, therapeutic responsiveness.  The conference is co-sponsored by the departments of Neurology, Neurosurgery, Anesthesiology Critical Care Medicine , Institute of Cell Engineering, and the Lieber Institute for Brain Development.

Get more information on the symposium here.


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