Course Listings

The following is the list of courses chosen for the CIS curriculum. They are from a variety of departments across the university. Please visit the individual course pages to learn more about the course content and pre-requisites.


Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Course #Course NameSemesterPrerequisites
550.420Introduction to ProbabilityFallOne year of calculus
550.426Introduction to Stochastic ProcessesSpringIntroduction to Probability
550.430Introduction to StatisticsSpringIntroduction to Probability
550.434Nonparametric and Robust MethodsIntroduction to Statistics
550.437Statistics, Information and VisionFallIntroduction to Probability, Introduction to Statistics
550.620Probability Theory IFallAnalysis I, Introduction to Probability
550.621Probability Theory IISpringProbability Theory I
550.626Stochastic Processes IIIntroduction to Stochastic Processes
550.630Statistical TheorySpringIntroduction to Probability
550.631Statistical InferenceFallStatistical Theory
550.632Multivariate Statistical TheoryStatistical Theory, Matrix Analysis and Linear Algebra
550.633Time Series AnalysisStatistical Theory, Matrix Analysis and Linear Algebra
550.634Nonparametric and Robust InferenceStatistical Theory
550.661Foundations of OptimizationFallAnalysis I
550.662Optimization AlgorithmsSpringFoundations of Optimization
550.672Graph TheorySpringLinear Algebra
550.681Numerical AnalysisSpring
550.692Matrix Analysis and Linear AlgebraFall
550.723Markov Chains
550.730Topics in Statistics
550.764Optimization of FunctionalsAnalysis I, Foundations of Optimization


Biomedical Engineering

Course #Course NameSemesterPrerequisites
580.473Magnetic Resonance in MedicineFallSignals and Systems


Computer Science

Course #Course NameSemesterPrerequisites
600.441Vision-Based Interaction for Man and MachineComputer Vision
600.445Computer-Integrated Surgery IFall
600.446Computer-Integrated Surgery IISpringComputer-Integrated Surgery I
600.461Computer VisionFallData Structures, Calculus III, Linear Algebra
600.462Applications of Computer VisionComputer Vision
600.630Advanced Topics in Physics-Based Computer Vision
600.646Advanced Computer-Integrated SurgerySpringComputer-Integrated Surgery I
600.652Advanced Computer-Integrated Surgery SeminarSpringComputer-Integrated Surgery I


Electrical and Computer Engineering

Course #Course NameSemesterPrerequisites
520.414Image Processing and Analysis IFallSignals and Systems
520.415Image Processing and Analysis IISpringImage Processing and Analysis I
520.419Iterative AlgorithmsFall
520.435Digital Signal ProcessingFallSignals and Systems
520.447Introduction to Information Theory and CodingFall
520.608Image Reconstruction and RestorationSpringRandom Signal Analysis
520.614Linear System Theory
520.630Introduction to the Calculus of Variations and Optimal ControlAnalysis I
520.643Digital Multimedia Coding and ProcessingFallDigital Signal Processing
520.645Adaptive FilteringFallDigital Signal Processing
520.646Wavelets and Filter BanksSpringDigital Signal Processing
520.651Random Signal AnalysisFall
520.652Filtering and SmoothingSpringRandom Signal Analysis
520.674Information Theoretic Methods in StatisticsSpring



Course #Course NameSemesterPrerequisites
110.405Analysis IFallCalculus III, Linear Algebra
110.413Introduction to TopologyAlternate YearsCalculus III
110.417Partial Differential Equations for ApplicationsAlternate SpringCalculus III, Linear Algebra
110.427Introduction to Calculus of VariationCalculus I, II
110.439Introduction to Differential GeometryAlternate YearsCalculus III, Linear Algebra
Lie Groups and Lie AlgebrasAdvanced Algebra II
Partial Differential EquationsReal Variables
Riemannian GeometryAnalysis I, Introduction to Topology


Mechanical Engineering

Course #Course NameSemesterPrerequisites
530.601Continuum MechanicsFall
530.648Group Theory in Engineering DesignAlternate Falls


Cross Listed Courses

Course #Course NameDepartmentsSemesterPrerequisites
Medical Image Analysis SeminarCS, ECE
Medical Imaging SystemsECE, BMESpringSignals and Systems
Pattern Theory: From representation to InferenceECE, BMESpring

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