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Let $x_1, ... , x_N$ and $y_1, ... , y_N$ be corresponding template and target landmarks respectively. The program finds an optimal diffeomorphism φ that interpolates the correspondences by minimizing

$y_1, ... , y_N$


where d is a geodesic distance in a group of diffeomorphisms [1]. The algorithm solves the nonlinear Euler equation by a Newton method combined with a shooting procedure [2].


[1] Miller, M,I and Trouvé, A and Younes, L. "Geodesic Shooting for Computational Anatomy". Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision (2004)

[2] Allassonnière, S.,Trouvé, A., Younes, L. . "Geodesic Shooting and Diffeomorphic Matching via Textures Meshes". Proceedings of EMMCVPR'05 (2005)



Software developed with support from National Institutes of Health NCRR grant P41 EB015909.

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