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Version 2.0.

Put out deformed template in standard landmark format.
Implement the singular Value Decomposition from the MKL library.
Added "absolute error" output to compare when covariances are present. Added output of trajectories (in VTK XML) for Point Transformations.
Added the covariance data and valid flags.

Switched places of target and template, so now matching occurs from template to target.
Release for DTIStudio integration and win32 platform.
Make code mods for IA64 build.
Implement the -d option, which allows the user to specify a directory containing the target files. The program will matching the template against all the files in the specified directory.

Open an output file and write the metric distances of the deformations to the file. Also write each target file's name to and output file.

Changed the output part of the 2 Landmark codes, so the program will write out separate files for each output data instead of putting many things in one file.
Initial release of the code.

Last Modified: Monday, 25th April, 2011 @ 11:20am