BME PhD Sample Program

Year 1

First year medical school basic sciences curriculum. This program fulfills the biology curriculum, and students will usually want to take additional advanced seminars in neuroscience. These courses usually fill a student’s time during the first year and are supplemented with rotations.


Year 2 or Years 1 & 2 Electives in the Engineering and Physical Sciences

The following curriculum is to be completed in year two if taking the SOM basic life sciences track, or in years one/two if taking the alternative track. Students are required to take at least two courses per semester in year two, with at least one of these being at the 600/700 level. Curricula are to be designed with the guidance of the student’s mentor. Suggested electives are given below for each track (choose four of six each semester). Qualifiers are taken either at the end of the second year or in the middle of the third year.


Medical Imaging SystemsComputational Vision and
Image Understanding
Geometry, Shape and
Computational Anatomy
110.405 Analysis I110.405 Analysis IResearch Project (3 credits)
520.414 Image Processing and Analysis I520.414 Image Processing and Analysis IPick 1 course from the list below
520.651 Random Signals520.651 Random Signals
550.420 Introduction to Probability550.420 Introduction to Probability
550.437 Information, Statistics and Perception TBN (Radiology)550.437 Information, Statistics and Perception
600.357 Computer Graphics
110.406 Analysis II110.406 Analysis IIResearch Project (3 credits
520.415 Image Processing and Analysis II520.415 Image Processing and Analysis IIPick 1 course from the list below
550.426 Stochastic Processes520.630 Introduction to the Calculus of Variations and Optimal ControlDissertation
580.472 Medical Imaging Systems520.652 Filtering & Smoothing
TBN (Radiology)550.426 Stochastic Processes
TBN (Radiology)550.730 Topics in Statistics: Statistical Pattern Recognition


Year 3 (choose four) and Year 4 (choose two)

Applied Mathematics and StatisticsElectrical and Computer EngineeringComputer Science
550.361 Linear Optimization520.414 Image Processing and Analysis I600.303 High Performance Computing
550.420 Introduction to Probability520.415 Image Processing and Analysis II600.357 Computer Graphics
550.426 Introduction to Stochastic Processes520.432 Medical Imaging Systems600.441 Vision-Based Interaction for Man and Machine
550.430 Introduction to Statistics520.435 Digital Signal Processing600.445 Computer-Integrated Surgery I
550.434 Nonparametric and Robust Methods520.447 Introduction to Information Theory and Coding600.446 Computer-Integrated Surgery II
550.437 Statistics, Information and Perception520.497 Information Theory600.461 Computer Vision
550.620 Probability Theory I520.608 Image Reconstruction and Restoration600.462 Applications of Computer Vision
550.621 Probability Theory II520.614 Linear Systems Theory600.630 Advanced Topics in Physics-Based Computer Vision
550.626 Stochastic Processes II520.630 Introduction to the Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control600.646 Advanced Computer-Integrated Surgery
550.630 Statistical Theory520.643 Digital Multimedia Coding and Processing600.652 Advanced Computer-Integrated Surgery Seminar
550.631 Statistical Inference520.644 Pattern Theory: From representation to Inference600.746 Medical Image Analysis Seminar
550.632 Multivariate Statistical Theory520.645 Adaptive Filtering
550.633 Time Series Analysis520.646 Wavelets and Filter Banks
550.634 Nonparametric and Robust Inference520.651 Random Signal Analysis
550.661 Foundations of Optimization520.652 Filtering and Smoothing
550.662 Optimization Algorithms520.674 Information Theoretic Methods in Statistics
550.672 Graph Theory
550.681 Numerical Analysis
550.692 Matrix Analysis and Linear Algebra
550.723 Markov Chains
550.730 Topics in Statistics: Statistical Pattern Recognition
550.764 Optimization of Functionals
550.790 Topics in Applied Mathematics: Deformation Analysis for Images and Shapes
Mechanical EngineeringBiomedical EngineeringMathematics
530.601 Continuum Mechanics580.473 Magnetic Resonance in Medicine110.405 Analysis I
530.648 Group Theory in Engineering Design580.472 Medical Imaging Systems110.406 Analysis II
530.669 Computational Methods of Engineering580.744 Pattern Theory: From representation to Inference110.413 Introduction to Topology
110.417 Partial Differential Equations for Applications
110.423 Lie Groups
110.427 Introduction to Calculus of Variation
110.439 Introduction to Differential Geometry
110.605 Real Variables
110.619/110.620 Lie Groups and Lie Algebra
110.631/110.632 Partial Differential Equations
110.645/110.646 Riemannian Geometry
Bioethics Elective
306.655 Ethical Issues in Public Health

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