Student work overseen by Dr. Tilak Ratnanather featured in WSE Summer News

July 16, 2014

An article in the Summer 2014 issue of JHU Engineering Magazine highlights a promising iPad app designed by Hopkins undergrads to help train deaf adults with cochlear implants (CI) to understand speech from the electrical signals that CI devices provide. Student team members include Margo Heston, Rohit Bhattacharya, and Joanne Song, all of the Department of Biomedical Engineering. Their work is overseen by Dr. Tilak Ratnanather, an associate research professor in the Center for Imaging Science and ICM core faculty member.

According to Heston, the app – named Speech Banana after the term specialists use to describe the area where all human speech appears on an audiogram – is not intended to replace traditional in-person auditory training, “But we want to supplement it.”

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