Prof. Carey Priebe recipient of American Statistical Association’s 2010 SDNS Achievement Award

April 19, 2010

Carey Priebe, professor of applied mathematics and statistics, is the recipient of the American Statistical Association’s 2010 Section on Statistics in Defense and National Security (SDNS) Distinguished Achievement Award.

Carey is being recognized for his outstanding leadership and accomplishments on research projects for the Navy, Army, Air Force, DARPA and the intelligence community. In the SDNS citation, it was stated that, “His prodigious contributions have resulted in solutions to problems at the forefront of both statistics and defense. Specifically noteworthy is his seminal theoretical work on random attributed graphs. Along with his numerous contributions in computer security, methods for target detection and classification and in image segmentation, he is the inventor of a tool for discovering latent classes in high-dimensional data known as the class-cover digraph.”


Center for Imaging Science