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This Validation section provides input data, processing and visualization examples for the Laplace-Beltrami for Meshes code to ensure correctness of the resultant data. These examples are useful tests when the program is run on new environments or platforms. Examples are displayed with available visualization software. A sample LaplaceBeltramiOperator command is posted with each example (or type LaplaceBeltramiOperator for more usage information).

Closed Surface (Caudate) Test

Input: input.tar.gz
Output: output.tar.gz
Command: LaplaceBeltramiOperator 10 fv0.vtk

This calculates the harmonics on a closed triangulated surface, in this case a caudate surface.

The program produces vtk PolyData files (meshes) that have the basis function values at each vertex stored as PointData. The following figures show the program output as displayed in CAWorks.

Surface Harmonics on a Caudate

3D Slicer View

Open Surface (Planum Temporale) Test

Input: input.tar.gz
Output: output.tar.gz
Command: LaplaceBeltramiOperator 10 OpenSurfacePT.vtk

This test computes basis functions on an open surface with Dirchlet condition on the boundary vertices.

Surface Harmonics on an Open Surface

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