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Here are answers to some common questions you might have. If you have a question other than what's listed here, please go to the feedback section to let us know. We will keep this page updated based on the questions users will have.


  1. What mesh input formats does this software work with?
    The program works on meshes in vtk PolyData format, or byu format. Other data formats can be read into CAWorks and written out as vtk PolyData for use with this program.

  2. What kind of hardware, operating systems does the tool run on?
    This program currently runs on Ubuntu 12, and should run on any OS system that can compile the Insight Tool Kit.


  1. How can I download the software?
    The code was submitted to its own branch of the ITK Gerrit Code review repository and is currently being reviewed. To get the current code run the following git commands:
    git clone git://
    cd ITK
    git fetch refs/changes/62/7462/1 && git checkout FETCH_HEAD -b LaplaceBeltramiOperator

  2. How do I build the software?
    From the source directory create a build directory, then use cmake to configure the code and make to build it:
    mkdir ../build
    cd ../build
    cmake-gui ../ITK
    Click "Configure" for the initial configuration. Select your options. LaplaceBeltramiOperator is in Examples, so be sure to select BUILD_EXAMPLES and ITK_BUILD_ALL_MODULES. Click "Configure" until the "Generate" button is enabled. Click the "Generate" button. Exit cmake-gui and build the code

  3. How is the software being used currently?
    The laplace-beltrami calculations are used at the front end of statistical pipelines CIS uses for computational anatomy. They will be used to produce basis functions on surfaces used in CIS shape analysis studies.

  4. How do I use this tool on CIS resources?
    It is necessary to get an account on the CIS file system to use this software at this time. To get an account, please contact Anthony Kolasny (see the feedback section).

    This program can be found at
    Read the manual for a description of the input parameters.

  5. How can I contact the author of the tool?
    Please refer to the feedback section.

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