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USAGE: LaplaceBeltramiOperator <harmonicCount> <vtk_mesh_file> [boundaryCondition]
Calculate basic functions on a mesh from a Laplace-Beltrami Operator.


harmonicCount - number of surface harmonics to compute
vtk_mesh_file - vtk PolyData triangulated surface file to compute harmonics on.
boundaryCondition - conditions placed at boundary vertices
  • 1 = von Neuman (gradient of the Laplacian operator tangent to the boundary)
  • 2 (default) = Dirichlet (zero Laplacian operator on the boundary)


The requested number of surface harmonics are output into Vtk PolyData mesh files with names of the form: SurfaceHarmonic_i.vtk, where i is the number of the surface harmonic. The mesh will be the same structure as the input mesh, with PointData set to the specified surface harmonic.

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