Custom made hollow fiberglass tubes available to best offer:

In Spring 2007 I purchased the following custom made hollow fiberglass tubes from K-Mac Plastics: Previously the tubes were concatenated (KM-5019 with KM-4904 and KM-1143 with KM-1142) via liquid nails. As the tubes are no longer useful, I was able to remove the liquid nails, disconnect the tubes and clean the ends.

Two speakers available to best offer:

In Spring 2007 I purchased two Beyma 12MI100 speakers (original price - $249.95 each). One was previously encased in custom-built wooden speaker box for 20-30 acoustic experiments in three or four periods over 24 months and has now been dismantled; the other was kept in storage but not used.
J Tilak Ratnanather

Associate Research Professor
Center for Imaging Science and
Institute for Computational Medicine,
Department of Biomedical Engineering,
The Johns Hopkins University

Campus address: Clark 308B;
Phone number: (410) 516-2927;
E-mail: tilak AT cis DOT jhu DOT edu