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Youngser Park (박영서)
Research Scientist
Center for Imaging Science (CIS)
Mathematical Institute for Data Science (MINDS)
Institute for Computational Medicine (ICM)
The Human Language Technology Center of Excellence (HLTCOE)
The Johns Hopkins University

Short bio
Full CV (as of 03/26/2023)

Recent Grant Awarded:

  • “Models for Statistical Inference in Neuroscience Connectomics,” Microsoft Research, PI, 2019.

  • "LoGE: Graph Embedding for Next Generation Military Logistics and Supply Chain Management,’’ DARPA LogX, Co-PI with Carey E. Priebe (PI), Walter Andrews, 2020.

  • "Universally Useful Primitives for Aligning Networks Across Time and Space,’’ DARPA MAA, Co-PI with Vince Lyzinski (PI), C.E. Priebe, and Daniel Sussman, 2017.

  • “What Would Tukey Do? <enter>,” DARPA D\(^3\)M, 2/1/2017–1/31/2021, Co-PI with C.E. Priebe (PI), M. Tang, A. Athreya, V. Lyzinski, and J. Vogelstein.

Recent Publication:

  • Michael Winding, Benjamin D Pedigo, Christopher L Barnes, Heather G Patsolic, Y. Park, Tom Kazimiers, Akira Fushiki, Ingrid V Andrade, Feng Li, Javier Valdes-Aleman, Avinash Khandelwal, Nadine Randel, Elizabeth Barsotti, Ana Correia, Richard D Fetter, Volker Hartenstein, Carey E Priebe, Joshua T Vogelstein, Albert Cardona, Marta Zlatic, “The connectome of an insect brain,” Science, vol 379, no 6636, 2023,

  • Konstantinos Pantazis, Daniel L. Sussman, Y. Park, Carey E Priebe, Vince Lyzinski, “Multiplex graph matching matched filters,” Applied Network Science, vol 7, no 29, 2022

  • Avanti Athreya, Michael Kane, Bryan Lewis, Zachary Lubberts, Vince Lyzinski, Y. Park, Carey E. Priebe, Minh Tang, “Numerical tolerance for spectral decompositions of random dot product graphs,” Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, vol 0, no 0, pp 1-12, 2022.

  • Michael J. Harrower, Joseph C. Mazzariello, A. Catherine D'Andrea, Smiti Nathan, Habtamu Mekonnen, Ioana A. Dumitru, Carey E. Priebe, Kifle Zerue, Y. Park, “Aksumite Settlement Patterns: Site Size Hierarchy and Spatial Clustering Analyses,” Journal of Archaeological Research, 2022

  • Congyuan Yang, Carey E. Priebe, Y. Park, David J. Marchette, “Simultaneous Dimensionality and Complexity Model Selection for Spectral Graph Clustering,” , Journal of Computation and Graphical Statistics, vol 30, no 2, pp 422-441, 2021.

  • Avanti Athreya, Minh Tang, Y. Park, Carey E. Priebe, “On estimation and inference in latent structure random graphs,” Statistical Science, vol 36, no 1, pp 68-88, 2021.

  • Nian Wang, Robert J Anderson, David G Ashbrook, Vivek Gopalakrishnan, Y. Park, Carey E Priebe, Yi Qi, Joshua T Vogelstein, Robert W Williams, G. Allan Johnson, “Node-Specific Heritability in the Mouse Connectome,” NeuroImage, vol 222, no 15, 2020.

  • D. L. Sussman, V. Lyzinski, Y. Park, C. E. Priebe, “Matched Filters for Noisy Induced Subgraph Detection,” IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, vol 42, no 11, pp 2887-2900, 2020.

  • Joshua Agterberg, Y. Park, Jonathan Larson, Christopher White, Carey E. Priebe, and Vince Lyzinski, “Vertex Nomination, Consistent Estimation, and Adversarial Modification,” Electronic Journal of Statistics, vol. 14, no. 2, pp. 3230-3267, 2020.

  • H. G. Patsolic, Y. Park, V. Lyzinski, C.E. Priebe, “Vertex Nomination Via Local Neighborhood Matching,” Statistical Analysis and Data Mining, 2020;1-16, March, 2020.

  • K. Pantazis, D. L. Sussman, Y. Park, C. E. Priebe, V. Lyzinski, “Multiplex graph matching matched filters”, GTA3 2019 Workshop on Graph Techniques for Adversarial Activity Analytics, in conjuction with 12th ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining, Los Angeles, CA, December 9, 2019.

  • C. E. Priebe, Y. Park, J. T. Vogelstein, J. M. Conroy, V. Lyzinskic, M. Tang, A. Athreya, J. Cape, and E. Bridgeford, “On a 'Two Truths’ Phenomenon in Spectral Graph Clustering,” Proceedings of the National Acedemy of Sciences, vol. 116, no. 13, pp 5995-6000, 2019.

  • D. Sussman, V. Lyzinski, Y. Park, C. E. Priebe, “Matched Filters for Noisy Indued Subgraph Detection”, GTA³ 2018: Workshop on Graph Techniques for Adversarial Activity Analytics, in conjuction with 11th ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining, Marina Del Rey, CA, Feb 9, 2018. (won the best paper award)

  • A. Athreya, D. E. Fishkind, K. Levin, V. Lyzinski, Y. Park, Y. Qin, D. L. Sussman, M. Tang, J. T. Vogelstein, C. E. Priebe, “Statistical inference on random dot product graphs: a survey,” Journal of Machine Learning Research, 18(226):1-92, 2018.

  • K. Eichler, F. Li, A. L. Kumar, Y. Park, I. Andrade, C. Schneider-Mizell, T. Saumweber, A. Huser, D. Bonnery, B. Gerber, R. D. Fetter, J. W. Truman, C.E Priebe, L. F. Abbott, A. Thum, M. Zlatic, and A. Cardona, “The complete wiring diagram of a high-order learning and memory center, the insect mushroom body,” Nature, no. 548, pp. 175-182, 2017.

  • V. Lyzinski, Y. Park, C. E. Priebe, M. W. Trosset, “Fast Embedding for JOFC Using the Raw Stress Criterion,” , Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, vol 26, no 4, pp 786-802, 2017.

  • V. Lyzinski, M. Tang, A. Athreya, Y. Park, C. E. Priebe, “Community Detection and Classification in Hierarchical Stochastic Blockmodels,” , IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering, vol. 4, no. 1, pp 13-26, 2017.

Submitted to journals:

  • Hayden S. Helm, Marah Abdin, Benjamin D. Pedigo, Shweti Mahajan, Vince Lyzinski, Y. Park, Amitabh Basu, PialiChoudhury, Christopher M. White, Weiwei Yang, Carey E. Priebe, “Leveraging semantically similar queries for ranking via combining representations,” Submitted, 2021

  • Amitabh Basu, Avanti Athreya, Y. Park, Carey E. Priebe, Christopher White, Joshua Vogelstein, Michael Winding, Marta Zlatic, Albert Cardona, Patrick Bourke, Weiwei Yang, Jonathan Larson, “Distance-based Positive and Unlabeled Learning for Ranking,” Submitted, 2021