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The software application Computational Anatomy Works (CAWorks) was developed to support computational anatomy and shape analysis. The capabilities of CAWorks include:

  1. Interactive landmark placement to create segmentation (mask) of desired region of interest
  2. Specialized landmark placement plugins for subcortical structures such as hippocampus and amygdala
  3. Support for multiple Medical Imaging data formats, such as Nifti, Analyze, Freesurfer, DICOM and landmark data
  4. Quadra Planar view visualization
  5. Shape Analysis plugin modules, such as Large Deformation Diffeomorphic Metric Mapping (LDDMM)

Current enhancements to CAWorks have focused on interactive support for landmarking of subcortical structures. Specific plugins are available for landmark placement of the hippocampus, amygdala and entorhinal cortex regions. After landmarking is completed, CAWorks facilitates submission for automated segmentation processing. CAWorks is being used by the Biomarkers for Older Controls At Risk for Dementia (BIOCARD), Resource for Quantitative Functional MRI: TRD4, Validation of Structural/Functional MRI Localization and Biomedical Informatics Research Network (BIRN) projects.

CAWorks has been further enhanced with a browser plugin module for the Extensible Neuroimaging Archive Toolkit (XNAT). The XNAT software facilitates the storage and management of neuroimaging and associated data. The XNAT browser enables the retrieval of medical image data from XNAT for analysis in CAWorks and the storage of CAWorks analysis results in XNAT.

CAWorks extends ParaView, an open source, multi-platform, freely available program for parallel, interactive, scientific visualization. An important visualization tool for TeraGrid researchers, its client-server architecture facilitates remote visualization of datasets and the generation of level of detail (LOD) models that maintain interactive frame rates for large datasets.

CAWorks ROI Landmarking illustration
Clockwise from Top Left: CAWorks LDDMM Remote Processing Panel; Hippocampus Landmarks; Demonstration of template based semi-automated method; CAWorks SurfaceView Filter for multiple surface comparison (showing 437 surfaces)


Grants: 1R01 MH084803, R01 EB008171, 5U01AG033655, R01 EB000975, P41 EB015909

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