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  1. Bug fix on Surface Extraction. While in the Surface Cut GUI, program would produce a segmentation fault during dynamic programming operations after the extraction of a surface via CTRL-Right Click.
  2. Change to "Segment" script command. Removed the "Data Min" and "Data Max" optional parameters and added a CalculateMinMax parameter that if set forces the min, max of the histogram to the min, max of the volume being segmented.
  3. Color a surface with a colormap file (from the main menu: Surface -> Color Choice -> Using Color File).
Promoted bwtest to bw, version 2.3.
Added L1Distance Scripting.
Added CurveGen, Surface Extract, and Segment script functions.
Added curvature Script function.
Read true byu and CIS byu. Write true byu. Version 2.2.
Changed the surface tracking part of brainworks to load the points from a file instead of clicking on the surface with middle mouse button at two different points - brainworks will find the path between these points.
Allow the surface viewer to load more than 10 surfaces at a time.
Fixed a problem with reading contour files - had to preread them, then close them, then reread instead of just rewinding after the preread.
Implemented the SurfaceExtractRegion script function.
When you save the curve file, it will save three files. The original format of the saved curves file, a file (with .index appended to the filename) that contains the indeces of all the points in all the curves, and a file (with .coord appended to the filename) that contains the coordinates of all the points in all the curves. If one of the curves starts with the endpoint of the previous curves, I drop that index and coordinates from the output.
Added the Min Distance to Surface Mask function to BW scripting.
Version (v2.1) deployed. The new verison includes a command line option (-s script file) that will execute a script upon bw initiation without bringing up the GUI.

Also generated a scripting library with an API to expose the existing BW script capability. The libraries and include files are under
Example code for writing a standalone BW scripting program exists there as well, along with some test data.

This conpletes the effort described in this plan:
Added the SvSStats command to the BrainWorks script capability.
Added a 3D2DLmk script function.
Added the capability to select multiple Image Files from the File,Load Image menu item.
The user can multiselect surface files to load from File, Load Surface. You can now click on as many files as you want in the file list. All the surfaces will be loaded.
Repaired the placing on Landmarks in the Image Pane.

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