Rizwan Ahmed Chaudhry

I am currently a Software Development Engineer at Microsoft where I work on building exciting new Computer Vision applications used by millions of people.

I finished my PhD in the Computer Science department at the Johns Hopkins University in 2012 where I worked under the guidance of Prof. Rene Vidal. I was affiliated with the Vision, Dynamics and Learning Lab in the Center for Imaging Science.

My research interests are in the general areas of Computer Vision and Machine Learning with specific interests in Analysis of Dynamical Visual Phenomena such as human activities.

Over the years I have worked on several projects. Brief descriptions and code/datasets for some of these can be found on the Research page.




Paper on novel bio-inspired metrics for human activity recognition accepted at HAU3D 2013.
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Code release - Dynamic Texture Toolbox.
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Code release - HOOF and BC-kernels for NLDS.
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September 2006 - 2012
PhD - Computer Science
MSE - Computer Science
Johns Hopkins University

September 2001 - June 2005
BSc (Hons) Computer Science and Mathematics
Lahore University of Management Sciences
Lahore, Pakistan.

Crescent Model Higher Secondary School
Lahore, Pakistan.

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Rizwan A. Chaudhry

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