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USAGE: VectorKernelPCA <pcaCount> <kernelSigma> <vtk_mesh_file> <outputName> <vectorFieldSetFile>
Calculate principal components on a sets of vector or scalar valued data, optionally positioned on at mesh vertices.


  • pcaCount - number of principal components to compute(def = 0)
  • kernelSigma - size of the kernal used for calculating PCs on the mesh
  • vtk_mesh_file - file name of mesh file in .vtk format.
  • outputName - base file name of the component output files.
  • vectorFieldSetFile - the file names of the input data sets. Any number of files is acceptable but must be greater than pcaCount. All must have equal number of measurements.

Input Files:

vtk PolyData mesh files are accepted as input.


Output files are created that contain the principal components defined at each vertex on the mesh.

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